Best 4 AI Image Extender Free Online

Best 4 AI Image Extender Free Online

Not all photos come out perfectly. Sometimes, the image size is smaller than expected, or the composition is off. This is when an AI image extender can help fix the issue quickly. AI picture extender has allowed content creators edit photos, but inappropriate cropping can cut off relevant parts.

Top 4 Free AI Image Extender Tools

Which is the best AI image extender tool? There are many online options powered by AI. With these web-based services, you can easily extend images for free. Want to learn more?

This blog will introduce the top 4 free AI image extender tools and provide specific instructions on how to use them. Don't miss out!

Neural. love - AI Uncrop Tool

Neural. love's AI Uncrop tool expands image and video borders artistically, enhancing visual appeal with AI-driven technology. It is ideal for transforming altered aspect ratios or extended canvases for creative and professional results.

Pros of Neural. love's AI uncrop tool

  • Ability to upload up to 100 images simultaneously
  • All files are stored privately and encrypted
  • Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to expand image boundaries artistically

Pricing for Neural. love

  • Free plan: 5 credits for trial
  • Monthly subscription: The cost depends on the number of purchased credits (100-5000 credits) and ranges from $10 to $500.
  • Pay As You Go: This option is available, but the pricing is slightly more expensive than the subscription. - Uncrop Images with AI Image Extender

The AI Image Extender of is a tool that uses advanced generative AI technology to extend, uncrop, and outpaint images. This means it can add new content to the edges of an image to create a larger, more complete version of the original photo. It's designed to be easy to use and is available for free online.

Pros of's AI Image Extender:

  • You can upload a photo by dragging and dropping it.
  • The tool supports JPG, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and BMP formats.
  • The maximum supported file size is 5MB.
  • Adjusts the image to match your chosen aspect ratio.
  • Different results with each attempt, offering endless possibilities.

Pricing for provides free and premium pricing options, including monthly and annual subscription plans, without usage limitations.

  • Free: $0
  • Monthly plan: $9
  • Yearly plan:$86.40

Picsart - Expand Images with AI.

Picsart's AI Image Extender is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to expand images and backgrounds while maintaining the context to fit any platform without stretching or losing quality.

Pros of Picsart's AI Image Extender :

  • Available for free, with no limitations.
  • Available for resizing images to fit different platforms.
  • No Loss of Quality
  • Can describe their specific idea for custom filling when extending an image.
  • Allows filling in missing pixels or extending images without cropping or stretching.
  • Integration with Picsart's other AI-powered photo editing tool

Pricing for Picsart

  • Free plan: $0/mo
  • Plus plan: $13/mo (or save 61% with Yearly Plan)
  • Pro plan:
    • First seat: $15/mo
    • Additional seats: $11/mo (Save 53% with Yearly Plan)
  • Custom Plan: Custom pricing

Each offering different levels of access and tools.

RunwayML - Images Expanding Tool

RunwayML is an excellent AI image extender tool. It allows you to expand images seamlessly by generating context-aware elements. Just input descriptive text prompts to extend your image infinitely and create an AI image with advanced creativity!

Pros of RunwayML's AI Image Extender

  • Fast and free to use
  • Supports multiple image formats
  • It doesn't affect the quality of the images
  • No watermark attached
  • Offers a simple user interface

Pricing for RunwayML

  • Basic (Free Forever): 125 credits/month, Limited features
  • Standard: $15/user/month, 625 credits/month, Resolution upscaling
  • Pro: $35/user/month, 2250 credits/month, Enhanced features, more extensive storage
  • Unlimited: $95/user/month, Unlimited video generations, all Pro features
  • Enterprise: Customized for large teams, Custom credits, storage, advanced security

Begin Extending Images Using the Top AI Image Expander

AI image extender tools can assist in resolving issues like small image sizes and improper cropping. We present the top 4 free AI image extender tools, each offering distinct features and pricing options. Therefore, select the most appropriate AI image extender tool that aligns with your requirements. Leap and begin extending images now.