Top 4 AI Vocal Removers Online

Top 4 AI Vocal Removers Online

If you are not from a music technical background, voice editing apps take time and effort. To save time, we use simple tools like AI Vocal Remover for efficient working.

In this article, let's understand what AI Vocal Remover is, its benefits, and the top 4 available.

What is an AI Vocal Remover?

AI vocal remover is a tool that helps people remove the singing part from their songs and make a music track without the singing. It uses intelligent computer technology to take out the singing and other musical parts like drums and guitars to create a new music track. It's much faster than editing by hand.

Benefits of Using AI Vocal Removers

  • Changing and mixing songs in different ways is helpful for DJs and artists who want to make their own unique versions.
  • AI vocal removers are great for practicing or performing with your favorite artists. By removing the vocals, you can play or sing along with the instrumental track, feeling like you're performing with the original artist.
  • A time-saving solution for producers by quickly isolating vocals.

4 Best AI Vocal Remover Online

LALAL.AI - AI Vocal Remover and Instrumental AI Splitter

LALAL.AI is primarily used as a Vocal Remover Tool to extract vocals and other instruments from a song and categorize them. Users can select three elements to separate and choose from mild, normal, and aggressive levels. lalal-ai.png

Pros of using LALAL.AI:

  • Maintains high quality even after removing vocals.
  • Removes vocals and instruments.
  • Provides fast output.
  • Offers mild, normal, and aggressive separation levels.

Pricing for LALAL.AI: 

One-time fee, various audio and video formats.

  • Starter: $0, 10 mins, 50MB, audio only, no downloads
  • Lite: $18, 90 mins, 2GB
  • Plus: $25, 300 mins, 2GB
  • Pro: $35, 500 mins, 2GB - AI Vocal Remover and Isolation is a free online AI tool to remove vocals from songs. Access it for free online, edit your song, and get two outputs: vocals and music only. vocal-remover-org-editor.png

Pros of using :

  • AI automatically removes vocals from songs
  • Multiple language options are available
  • Users can preview vocals or music
  • User-friendly interface

Pricing for :

  • Free Plan: $0, 1 file, 10 min/day, No Fast Queue
  • Month Plan: $12.95, Unlimited files, 500 min/day, Fast Queue
  • Year Plan: $99, Unlimited files, 500 min/day, Fast Queue

PhonicMind - Online AI Vocal Remover

PhonicMind is an AI vocal removal tool that separates vocals and instruments from songs. It utilizes AI technology to provide a high-quality musical instrument audio interface. You can effortlessly remove vocals from songs and music using PhonicMind's online AI vocal remover. phonicmind.png Pros of using PhonicMind:

  • Separates vocals and instrumental music at various levels.
  • Provides additional utility tools.
  • Offers high-quality audio.
  • Unlimited vocal extraction.

Pricing for PhonicMind:

Pay as you go:

  • One song: $3.99
  • Ten songs: $19.99 ($1.99/song)
  • 50 songs: $59.99 ($1.19/song)

Subscription Plans:

  • Basic: $9.99, Unlimited songs, Processing Speed: 1 song/10 min, Downloads: mp3
  • Pro: $14.99, Unlimited songs, Processing Speed: 1 song/1 min, Downloads: mp3, flac, zip, stem.mp4 - AI Vocal Remover Free Online

The AI-powered online vocal remover from can quickly and effectively extract or remove vocals, instrumentals, or acapella from any music while maintaining high quality. vocal-remover-media-io.png Pros of using

  • Quick and Automatic Track Separation
  • Extraction with Clear Output
  • HiFi Lossless Sound Quality
  • Support for Multiple Audio & Video Formats

Pricing for

  • Free Account: FREE 1 download
  • Monthly Plan: The pricing ranges from $9.99 to $129.99, with durations from 1 hour to 40 hours.
  • Pay As You Go Plan: The pricing ranges from $29.99 to $179.99, with durations from 1 hour to 40 hours.

Exploring the Top 4 AI Vocal Removers in 2024

Explore the top 4 AI vocal removers in 2024 and unleash your creativity with tools like, PhonicMind, and Choose the best tool for your needs and budget to extract acapella like a pro and take your music to new heights!